Many of us are not pleased with the lack of efficiency in our broadband connections, and therefore we tend to look for ways of improving it. In this article we will show you how to optimize the download speed and bandwidth usage when running uTorrent, a very popular P2P client. The good news is that there is a special tool that can do this, and that tool is AutoUTorrent. Since we assume you already have this program installed, let’s see how it can improve your download speed.

AutoUTorrent Features:

This lightweight utility will be a great solution for users who want to squeeze the maximum out of their Internet connection. Since it runs right out of the box, it doesn’t require any installation. Besides, it doesn’t have any features that would make it a burden to the system. Instead, it is lightweight, simple and to the point. The interface is easy to use and clean. In addition to all this, the download speed of your uTorrent can be customized to an optimum level.

We do not recommend downloading torrents while using AutoUTorrent, but in this way the computer won’t be idle for too long, so it won’t be a problem. If you are one of those who wants to start using uTorrent and want to improve the speed of your download speed, AutoUTorrent will be a great solution for you. With this utility, uTorrent will automatically throttle to an optimum level if the computer is idle for a while. If the computer is busy, it will quickly return to the default download speed.

AutoUTorrent is a small application that does exactly what it should. It checks the level of activity on your computer if the computer is idle or busy and, if the system is idle, uTorrent will use the entire bandwidth. If the system is busy, the application will give uTorrent an option to use a reduced bandwidth to increase the download speed. All you have to do is set the ‘Download’ speed, the ‘Upload’ speed, the check interval and the idle timeout, according to your preferences.

When the system is idle, AutoUTorrent will check the status from time to time. If there is activity, it will switch to the ‘Auto Mode’. If there is no activity, the system is idle, it will stay in the ‘Auto Mode’. If there is activity again, the system will return to the previous ‘Auto Mode’ state. AutoUTorrent can easily show the status 384a16bd22

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1. The compressed file is a pure zip format archive.
2. The zip file is packed with the extension of “.xyz”, the compression method of “Deflate”, and the encryption method of “AES-256-CBC”.
3. This package can be opened by using RasMol 1.4.3 or RasMol 1.5.0.
4. This package should not be combined with the other packages of “RasMol 1.5.0”.
5. This package can be opened only by using the code of RasMol 1.5.0.

RasMol is a handy and reliable application destined for viewing molecules, able to work with both small and large proteins. It is a good exploration software that provides many viewing possibilities and rotation in space.
It targets students, teachers and generally, all academic personnel that is interested in inspecting the structure of molecules within a pleasant and appealing environment.
Following a short and complication-free installation process, you can make acquaintance with the user interface, which sports a user-friendly and intuitive appearance. The feature set is encased inside a few menus that are easy to explore and understand, especially by scientists.
Files can be added using the dedicated commands, as well as by drag and drop. Amongst the formats supported by the application are PDB (Protein Data Bank), MDL, MSC, Alchemy, CIS, Mopac and RasMol.
The viewing mode can be selected using the Display menu, where you’ll find an extended offer that includes wireframe, backbone, spacefill, sticks, riboons, strands, cartoons and molecular surface. Further customizations are provided in the Colours menu that will emphasize the different parts of a molecule by highlighting them individually.
From the Options section, you can enable or disable various elements that are displayed by default in the structure of the molecule. For instance, if you don’t want to see the hydrogens and hetero atoms inside the current model, you can uncheck them for a simpler view.
Generous options are also offered within the Export menu, from where you can save the current model in various formats including BMP, GIF, PS, PPM, VRML, to name a few.
Overall, RasMol makes a good impression; however, what struck us during its testing was the lack of a zoom function, which seems a