KEYMACRO is a free Password Manager that securely stores and protects your passwords for internet, banking, online shopping, email and social networks.
KEYMACRO is designed for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X and can store up to 50 different passwords.
Here’s how it works:
You enter your secret information (username and password) into a windows form. (Username and password are optional, but recommended as it will make you feel safer when using KEYMACRO).
This information is then saved to a database file and encrypted. The database file is located on your PC in a hidden file system directory.
You can then access your information through any web browser. Simply select the network from the drop down list and enter your keymacro username and password.
You can keep your information safe as all the sensitive information you enter is now encrypted.
KeyMACRO is absolutely FREE and you can have up to 50 passwords stored.
KEYMACRO includes a comprehensive Help section to help you out.
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MogulPDF Pro 1.2
MogulPDF Pro is a popular, easy to use PDF converter and viewer with excellent functionality.
It can convert any PDF document into a wide variety of file formats and edit the PDF content such as change font, resize, rotate or add page number, text or image watermark, thumbnails and more.
It can also print, resize and make any PDF file full-page, crop the pages, encrypt, compress, and add comments.
With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily do the conversion and editing you need in no time, even batch conversions.
With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily do the conversion and editing you need in no time, even batch conversions.
MogulPDF Pro supports a wide variety of fonts and image formats to meet your needs.
It also supports Unicode text, UTF8, encrypted, base64, PBM, PDB, image, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and more.
In addition, with password protection, you can protect any file with a password and protect the PDF files you saved with a password.
Another powerful feature is the integration with “Print to PDF”, “Save to PDF” or “Export to PDF” to convert files into PDF files, let you convert any documents and images into PDF files, and easy to 384a16bd22

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Dynamic Email Validator is a standalone program that supports most servers with SMTP and POP3 protocol, supports all major SMTP / POP3 clients and has been tested with Microsoft Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.
Dynamic Email Validator supports also different SMTP protocols like IMAP, LDAP, POP3, SASL, PLAIN.
Dynamic Email Validator is a reliable and fast program for checking email addresses. It can be integrated into your mail application and also can be a stand-alone program for verifying any email address.
Dynamic Email Validator integrates into a mail application so it is possible to receive notification that a new contact has been added to a mailing list. If the email address is valid and if it has never been used before, the client application may download the address list directly or the application may prompt to download the list.
Dynamic Email Validator is a small and reliable tool that can be integrated into a mail application. There is no need to setup email server on your computer. Dynamic Email Validator connects to your SMTP server, gets the list of email addresses, verifies the emails and stores the data in a database on your computer.
Dynamic Email Validator can be installed on your own server or it can be downloaded and installed locally.
Dynamic Email Validator verifies email addresses either for POP3 / SMTP protocol or for IMAP, LDAP or SASL protocol.
Dynamic Email Validator can use more than one SMTP server to get email addresses in a multi-threaded way.
Dynamic Email Validator can work as a POP3 / SMTP / IMAP server if it will be started as a service.
Dynamic Email Validator can store verification data and can be synchronized by using a SQL database or local XML file.
Dynamic Email Validator can be integrated into a mail application, to verify if email addresses are valid or not.
Dynamic Email Validator can handle large email lists, which are too big for one-by-one testing.
Dynamic Email Validator verifies a great number of email addresses in a short time, which makes it more efficient than a one-by-one verification.
Dynamic Email Validator can automatically mark invalid addresses as a reminder for later cleaning.
Dynamic Email Validator can be integrated into a mail application and integrated into a website.
Dynamic Email Validator verifies email addresses either for POP3 / SMTP protocol or for IMAP, LDAP or SAS