It is used to generate the keys used for encrypting the DCC messages. This is a mIRC command which is triggered when the connection is established and no keys have been provided to it yet.

KiTS is a project that was initiated by an old friend of mine back in 2002. My friend used to be one of the developers for the add-on, but sadly he decided to give it up after a while, and now I work on it on my spare time.
The KiTS team is working to make a real script and client mod for the X-Plane engine ( If you know me well, you know that I am a huge X-Plane fan, and that’s why I am working on a script that is able to provide it with one.
To tell you the truth, we are very far from that goal, but I decided to release the first version of KiTS to see if there is any demand for it.
The KiTS source code (including C++ and QBasic scripts) can be found at
KiTS features:
– Uses the Java API to execute aircraft
– Uses aircraft attributes
– Use of plugins
– Multiplayer
– Customizable
– Changes color and text size
– Tools for aircraft, pilot, and copilot (currently only for third-party aircrafts)
– First person view (FPV)
– 3D
– Misc.
But I won’t go into details about the project and I will just ask you to consider yourself lucky that you now have a great new tool that will improve your flying experience.
X-Plane, KiTS, Java, plugin, aircraft, aircraft attributes, first person view (FPV), 3d, first person (FP), simulation

A team of programmers, working together to bring you the latest and greatest scripts, utilities, and add-ons for the mIRC add-on community. For those of you interested in getting involved and submitting your scripts and/or add-ons, please visit our web site:

Like us on Facebook at:

And follow us on Twitter at: 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a windows based application for converting digital keyboards, mice, scanners, encoders, game pads, joysticks and other digital input devices to MIDI data streams. It can be used to transfer all the information from the device to another system or hardware device such as a music sequencer. It also allows to reverse the process to retrieve the data from the MIDI device.KEYMACRO is able to read data from virtually any USB/Serial based MIDI keyboard, mouse, joypad, game pad, or other USB device with keyboard, mouse, joystick, gamepad, accelerometer, touchpad, or other input drivers. The device drivers are automatically detected at run time, no need for a special device driver is required. The application is designed to work with virtually any USB/Serial MIDI device, supported devices will appear in the ‘new devices’ list.
The application can do all the following:
– Create automation data from any type of MIDI stream
– Receive and send MIDI from/to an external MIDI host
– Store and retrieve automation data from a file
– Automatically synchronize MIDI data
– Save any MIDI data to a file
– Export/Import MIDI from/to a file
– Export/Import a MIDI file to a host sequence
– Load an existing MIDI file
– Play and manipulate any kind of MIDI stream
– Work as a sequencer host
– Manipulate MIDI files
– Play MIDI files
– Generate MIDI files
– Generate MIDI files from a sequence
– Load MIDI files
– And more…
Make your music come alive with KEYMACRO!
FREE Version available
Basic version with MIDI import/export and automation functionality
NEW: The powerful KeyStream editor is now included in the free version of KEYMACRO!
With KeyStream you can perform a variety of MIDI processing functions such as:
+ Convert standard MIDI files to KeyStream format
+ Automatically send MIDI data to KeyStream from a MIDI file or any other MIDI application
+ Import KeyStream MIDI data from MIDI files or other applications
+ Retrieve KeyStream MIDI data from MIDI files or other applications
+ Convert keystream files to MIDI files or other formats
+ Separate Notes, Channels and Sends
+ Edit keystream files to add notes, midi message type, etc…
You can also use KeyStream for the following operations:
+ Generate MIDI from a KeyStream file
+ Automatically send MIDI from a KeyStream file to